On the morning of the 16th October, the edcom Talent Roundtable, in partnership with Kantar, brought together professionals with different backgrounds from all across Europe. A carefully selected panel of professionals from the advertising world met in Brussels to discuss the challenges faced by the industry.

During the Round Table discussions it was agreed that the advertising industry is struggling to attract the depth & diversity of talent it needs to thrive. While trying to get to the core of the issue, the following questions were addressed:

What kind of skills will be needed in the next five years? How well are graduates in commercial communications prepared for the job market?

Following a fruitful and extensive discussion, the panel members identified the lack of diversity in the industry as a key issue.

Another major challenge was noted to be the changing priorities of Generation Y and Z. These groups are found to prioritize freedom of expression, space for creativity over the more pragmatic aspects. In addition, competition with the media giants is posing a concern as well.

Hence the members determined the three central challenges to which agencies have to respond:


While agencies are taking steps to address these challenges, universities teaching commercial communications are also striving to adapt their curricula to the changing needs of the industry. During the Roundtable discussions it was agreed that universities should also embrace broader changes while rethinking their educational approach and promoting creative thinking and open mindedness.

The White Paper distills the discussion and the outcomes of the Roundtable providing insights for both universities teaching commercial communications as well as for advertising agencies.