Ad Venture

About the Competition

Ad Venture is the first Pan-European competition that gives students the opportunity to experience what it is like to work in Advertising by creating their own campaign, in response to a brief from a real client. The competition was launched in 2008 and each year, almost 100 teams with more than 300 international students participate in the challenge. The winning team goes to the Cannes Lions Festival.

Participants get free access to WARC (e-mail us for more details), and to Global Web Index (sign up here to get access to insights & data).

2021/2022 Client - Asahi Breweries

Asahi is our client this year. Established in 2017, they are the European business of the Asahi Group Holdings. They are custodians of a range of admired local brands, some of which became national icons. With pride, they also manage a portfolio of global brands such as Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Pilsner Urquell and Kozel. With over 9,000 people, they operate 15 breweries across 7 European countries with an annual volume of 42 million hl.

This year's challenge is a creative one! GO BEYOND EXPECTED and create inspiring campaign for client's flagship brand: Asahi Super Dry.

The 2021 Ad Venture winner was:

Sara Perche Ti Amo
from Paris 2 University Panthéon-Assas

with "The Art of Lightness" campaign for Peroni.



A challenging brief from Edcom with a tough mission: fighting gender stereotyping in the toys industry - to handle with care! I am so proud Sup de Pub participated with 4 teams, out of which 2 made it to the final 10. The winning team Eden had the most long-term outstanding strategy. I could describe them in One word: SPARKS!

S for Self-confident (sometimes over)
P for Professional (getting there)
A for Ambitious (since day 1)
R for Rebellious (when challenged)
K for Kick-ass (oral presentation)
S for Sagacious (acutely wise & insight-ful)

- Gilles Nakhle, Team EDEN's Academic Supervisor, Sup De Pub, France

It was really rewarding to work on a campaign that we felt was worthwhile and important. It definitely gave us a good reason to be motivated about this project. Taking part was an enriching and exciting experience, and we hope that our work will help in moving the cause forward.

- Mohsen El-Sayed, team EDEN, Sup de Pub, France

Running for the EDCOM Ad Venture, and competing with schools from all over the world, was the highlight of my year. Throughout the months, feedbacks and hard work, we managed to design a campaign for a meaningful NGO, which I believe is what drove us and kept us motivated all along. Knowing that our work had a purpose and touched on key issues in our society made us all very proud.

- Adrien Coucaud, team EDEN, Sup de Pub, France

It's really amazing to be the winner of this competition. It's the result of great teamwork and a lot of support. It's also the envy and passion we put into it that makes it great. To be able to work for such a client, and to be surrounded and judged by great professionals in the field is a unique and extremely stimulating opportunity. We are proud of our concept, proud of this competition, proud of our school. Congratulations to all and especially to the top 3. It was a great final.

- Corentin Hernandez, team Square, École Supérieure de Publicité, France 

We are very proud of our campaign and being able to compete against teams from all over the world ! It was several months of teamwork where we all encouraged each other to give the best of ourselves. I think it was a great adventure for all the participating teams and especially for the Beyond team and Studio Loss who went so far with us !

-Elodie Muguet, Team Square, École Supérieure de Publicité, France

What an adventure! It is quite difficult to summarize our journey, because we have experienced so many things, exchanged with different people and professionals, had the opportunity to imagine and create as a united team, competing with schools from around the world. We are really grateful to the client Asahi, but also to edcom for having given us their trust. Of course, we are really proud to have won this great competition, but even more because we truly enjoyed this adventure and working together on a really exciting subject!

- Emmanuelle Lignon, Team Sara Perche Ti Amo, Paris 2 University Panthéon-Assas, France