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The European Institute for Commercial Commnucations Education (edcom) is currently conducting a research study that intends to be the starting point of a two year project aiming at redressing the

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In this month’s blog, we would like to draw your attention to two theses that excelled at the edcom Thesis Competition 2017-2018. The edcom Thesis Competition rewards the best Bachelor and

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In today’s fast-paced world, universities not only need to keep up with the development of knowledge but they also need to be the ones leading the process. This is the

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In the face of the growing social mood related to the migration crisis, we were asked by the local Amnesty International branch to prepare a social campaign for refugees. This

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In addition to our monthly blogs, we present to you our very first Vlog for the December Inspire! by EACA blog. This month’s vlog is an engaging and fun video,

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Honestly, nobody knows for sure. Some believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will take the communications sector by storm. Others think that is just nonsense and that people are overreacting. Whether you like it or not, you will probably have to deal with AI. On the job or at home, AI will find its way into your life. Like myself, every professional who spoke at Evolution Lab 2017 had a rather positive outlook on AI. Except for one man. Ogilvy’s Rory Sutherland made sure to keep our feet on the ground at the end of the conference.

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In today’s advertising industry, a will to adapt to a rapidly changing environment and a keen eagerness to learn seem more important than ever before. How does the industry ensure that the next generation of advertising professionals has the ability to easily adapt to a new spectrum of future-proof skills and how does higher education prepare their graduates for this job market? More particularly, does the current education system answer the needs of the industry in the rapidly changing world of Artificial Intelligence? These were some of the key questions asked during EACA’s Evolution Lab panel on the mismatch between a graduate’s skills and the needs of the labour market.

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Monday, 18 September. The start of a new academic year at University College PXL. In my opinion, THE best college in Limburg (Belgium). And probably also beyond. Where students are

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In 2016, I graduated from Bournemouth University and got a BA in advertising. Since then, I’ve been looking for a job which I can truly enjoy and where I could

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Leaving Prague airport on a Saturday night last month, speeding past beer billboard after beer billboard as I made my way towards the city centre, I felt that mix of