The IPA Foundation Certificate course helps young professionals in commercial communications develop their knowledge of the industry.


 The IPA Foundation Certificate, formerly the European Advertising Certificate, is an online foundation course offered by the IPA in association with the EACA. Written for the industry, by the industry, using live webinars, online forums, expert videos and podcasts, this is the definitive programme for newcomers who are ambitious to move to the next level. It’s a super-concentrated opportunity to gain an overview of the whole industry in just 30 hours of flexible online learning.


30 hours of online learning split across seven modules, culminating in a formal two hour online exam. Three hours in non-English speaking countries.

The qualification is designed to offer accessible learning using a blend of online learning methods.

You will be able to pace your own progress, connect with other learners through forums and apply your learning directly to your day job.

If you pass the exam, you will be awarded a digital certificate of completion and 2 MIPA stars.


Individuals based outside of the UK with less than a year's experience in an advertising, marketing or communications role. From recent graduates in their first year to young professionals just starting out or people entering the industry from another profession.


Seven modules covering the entire brand communications process:

Module 1: The Business of Creativity - A celebration of its role in the communications industry and the wider business community; its history, evolution and future.

Module 2: The Communications Landscape - The transformation of the communications landscape, the fragmentation of the industry and the consequential re-structuring of agency models. With particular focus on the impact of new players such as Facebook and Twitter and the industry’s effect on the economy and culture.

Module 3: Client and Agency Roles - Understanding the pivotal client/agency relationship from three different vantage points: (1) from the client’s perspective, in particular the role of the CMO; (2) how the agency responds, prioritises and meets client needs; (3) through the necessary processes and paperwork that underpin best practice.

Module 4: Theories, Tools and Techniques - An overview of the key theories, techniques and tools used by today’s marketers and agencies, such as behavioural economics, the roles of memory and data, and the planning cycle.

Module 5: Communications Review - An examination of the role of media to inspire and enhance the creative process, showcasing the impact of different types of media.

Module 6: The Creative Development Process - A summary of the two strands of the creative development process: (1) fostering creativity in your everyday environment; (2) the actual work process from receipt of client brief, to internal agency brief, and to the art of creative feedback.

Module 7: Evaluating Effectiveness - An introduction to the critical importance of advertising effectiveness and how the IPA, through its Effectiveness Awards and thought leadership, has championed agency expertise in its delivery, evaluation and measurement.


Instead of taking years to gain an essential overview of all areas of advertising – this course will take you on a journey through the entire brand communication process in just 30 hours.

Gain an appreciation of the creative process, from fostering creativity in your everyday environment to understanding the invaluable role of media.

Discover the importance of effectiveness to the industry and the development of theories such as those from Les Binet and Peter Field.

Build on your knowledge of the client and agency roles and the marketing tools available to today’s marketers and agencies while understanding how to perform your role with confidence and expertise.

Join the 17,000 people who have taken the qualification since 2003.


Exam dates:

-26 April 2021

Booking Deadline: 8 March

-28 June 2021

Booking Deadline: 26 April

-27 September 2021

Booking Deadline: 30 July


EACA and Edcom members: €450 (+VAT as appropriate)

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