Applying Behavioural Economics to Building Brands

This course is taught by Paul Arnold

What is it?

The way we assumed behaviour was influenced has been turned upside down by major advances in neuroscience. With greater pressure on the need to develop communications that deliver hard numbers, it is essential that communication practitioners are familiar with these principles.

Indeed, 78% of all agencies are already well versed in these skills. Without these skills it is likely you will lose out to more effective agencies.

Who is it for?

Anyone involved in the development of campaigns – Account Directors, Account Planners and Creatives are all encouraged to attend.


To instill an understanding of, and confidence in, the key principles of Behavioural Economics.

The workshop will encourage each delegate to think of specific examples of how they could apply each principle to their clients’ business, meaning they will come away with at least 3 ways of dramatically increasing growth in their clients’ business.

At the end of the course the delegates will be able to successfully apply these principles to their clients’ business.

The workshop will be highly participatory, involving both discussion and activities.