Breaking the Rules in Creativity

This course is taught by Steve Henry

What is it?

Creativity is at the heart of marketing. This course is geared to help anyone working in a creative environment to push them further and achieve breakthrough ideas.

As clients demand fresher thinking and as media multiply on a daily basis, the pressure on creative people gets more and more intense.

But the key to making the most of this challenging and ever-changing environment is to embrace the whole notion of change.

This course is about that, about the commercial need for this kind of creativity and it gives practical advice on getting to the sort of solutions that your competitors won't get to.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at creatives, or at those who want to take an active part in creative workshops.

These people are the engine-room of any agency and they have a particular set of pressures.

The course is supportive and exploratory, given from a perspective of total respect for the creative process. Creative people often reject the notion of "training", but this course is designed to support their individuality while also helping them with some of the more common problems encountered by creative people everywhere nowadays.


The aim of the course is provide inspiration, support and fresh challenges to people who have the responsibility of developing creative ideas.

It tackles the huge changes happening in the media marketplace and also how to handle client relationships. But, above all, it is about the need to keep breaking the rules - the worst sin in advertising is invisibility, yet 95% of the work produced falls into that trap.

This course will help you come up with fresher ideas and explore totally new ground. It will also help you to sell that work and make it happen.