Bringing Creativity into the Digital World

This course is taught by Steve Henry

What is it?

The media world is changing out of all recognition and it's not surprising that approaches that worked in the "old" world won't translate easily into the new world.

This is particularly true in the area of creative thinking. Many creative people are being accused of being "old-fashioned" when they just don't know how to adapt to some of the new media.

What is it?

This course is about understanding basic principles of creativity - impact, emotional connection - and applying them to the digital world. It's also about understanding and applying the fundamental truth in all this - which is that great creativity embraces change. The course provides case histories of great digital campaigns and gives practical advice to help agencies create truly stand-out work.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed primarily at creative people, but it is useful for anybody involved in presenting creative work in the new media. 

It provides an understanding that core creative skills that worked in old media can be adapted and applied in the new world, but it also focuses on some of the new skills needed and it shows practical ways to make this happen.


The aim of the course is make people feel empowered in the world of social media and digital innovation.

This involves exploring the nature of story-telling for brands, and within this context the course is also helpful for making sure that clients understand how best to use these new media.