Judging and proving campaign effectiveness

This course is taught by Paul Arnold

What is it?

With ever increasing pressures on corporate finance, The C suite are demanding the Marketing Department ‘Show them the money’. It is in the shared interest of both Agency and Client to demonstrate the effectiveness of their campaigns – not only to secure future funds but also as a critical stage to learn and improve from.

Who is it for?

This workshop is for anyone who is looking to be provided with key skills, strategies and mindsets to help set-up, measure and prove beyond reasonable doubt the effectiveness of a campaign.


The workshop will cover the need to start early to collect the data; How to  interrogate the data to find the story inside the numbers; The need to discount any other  factors that could have influenced sales. Demonstrating a clear correlation between communication and the end sales impact. We will then conclude by showing how to work out the Return on Marketing Investment. Finally we will discuss many of the practical aspects and difficulties  of putting together a coherent case.  At the end of the workshop, the delegates will be more confident in writing a compelling effectiveness paper.  The course will be highly participatory, involving both discussion and activities. The intent is to build from real life situations that the delegates can apply the very next day.