Connecting Content and Audience

This course is taught by Siobhan Stanley

Underpinning all great communication is the principle of connecting. When we connect to ourselves we have mastery over our influence. When we connect to others we build our relationships and our businesses.

What is it?

This workshop provides a structured exploration into the development of influence, persuasion, emotional intelligence and personal impact.

The key elements are a focused around the principles of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming); the identification of each individual’s ‘Zone of Excellence’ and the ways in which behavioural patterns and habits can be fine-tuned to give us requisite choice and maximise our impact.

Equally, to recognize the tired, out-moded habits which no longer serve us. The opportunity is for a more conscious connection with those we seek to influence, guide or lead and to create a foundation for continued personal development and empowerment.

Who is it for?

This workshop would benefit anyone who represents their company at a mid to senior level and seeks to communicate more persuasively; polish their personal qualities; develop leadership competencies.


This workshop offers space and time to dig down, look closely at how you are currently connecting with yourself; your work; others.

It will address what ‘showing up as your very best self’ actually means practically and experientially. It will explore:

  • The 5 domains of Emotional Intelligence
  • Thinking Errors - unhelpful mental habits
  • Tough decisions/conversations - popularity vs. assertiveness (have both!)
  • Goal setting and accomplishment

The spirit of the day is enquiry, openness, discovery, support…and fun!