Creative Idea Generation & Judgment

This course is taught by Steve Henry

It challenges creatives to go beyond the obvious and to find ideas that resonate with consumers and ultimately produce more effective and valuable communication.

The course will help creatives develop their understanding of the core strategic requirements of a brief and develop better idea generating techniques, as well as learning and practicing important selling skills.

The course will involve analysing some of the best and most inspiring ideas as well as giving delegates the chance to work on briefs, share their ideas and learn from the feedback and comments of their peers and trainer.

Who is it for?

This course is run for creatives with five or more years’ experience.


To help creatives really understand the process and passion needed to generate and judge the best ideas.

It looks at techniques for thinking laterally and creatively around a client brief. It will explore different ways of working - solo, in pairs, in teams and accessing on-line communities.

It will stress the importance of being open to new influences, but also tackle the issue of when to die on a sword for an idea!