Digital Storytelling

This course is taught by Peter Rudge

What is it?

This one-day digital storytelling seminar gets to grips with the power of mini-documentaries to build brands in a social media-driven world. From story inception to dissemination, you will be  taken through the key stages in the production of hard-hitting and authentic mini-documentary films. This will be done through group exercises, class discussion and expert analysis. This seminar can be split into two half-day (3-hour) sections.

Session One: Mini-docs as a tool for authentic storytelling
What is a mini-doc and why bother commissioning them as part of a campaign? We’ll deconstruct a film and understand its role as part of a wider campaign.

Session Two: Pre-production and commissioning
GROUP EXERCISE: Commissioning mini-docs. Each group will be asked to deconstruct a real-world brief. We’ll learn about which ideas will work and which should never make it to pre-production.

Session Three: Inside the mind of a film-maker
GROUP EXERCISE: How to visualise a story. This is an exercise in understanding how a story can be bought alive with
powerful and authentic imagery. We’ll do this through an exercise in visualisation.

Session Four: Dissemination and planning the campaign
Films don’t go viral. They are made to go viral. A brief look at how to spin a film wider out into the world.
GROUP EXERCISE: Each group will be given a scenario to work through into an idea for a film. They will pitch these back to the trainer at the end of the day.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at anyone with an interest in digital storytelling, producers and creative teams.