Embracing and leading change

This course is taught by Paul Arnold, Elissa Telfer

What is it?

This course will equip leaders within the marketing and media environments to react nimbly and decisively to identify, seize and maximise the opportunities that change brings.

It covers the key skills and behaviours a leader needs in order to survive and thrive in our constantly changing business environment.

Delegates will cover:

  • Creating a vision/roadmap for change and communicating this
  • Success factors and de-railers
  • How they stack up as leaders of transformational change
  • Managing stakeholders during times of change
  • The conditions and mindsets required for changing organisational culture

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at senior managers or anyone in the marketing and media space who want to sharpen their change skills.

This course is a prerequisite for managers who want to remain at the cutting edge of the mastery of change.


Delegates will benefit from a highly interactive and participative environment in which to practice new skills and receive feedback.

The learning will be placed firmly in the context of their current challenges in leading change.