Growth, New Business & Pitching Skills

This course is taught by Micky Denehy

What is it?

This course is designed to give participants the skills to actively involve themselves in the business of new business and to contribute significantly to the growth of their company.

Participants will learn and practice both the skills needed for prospecting for new business opportunities and those needed to run and win pitches.

The course will help delegates understand the need to develop a clear and differentiated positioning for their agency and give them the skills needed to make the most of every pitch opportunity.

Who is it for?

This course is designed for agency employees from all disciplines with at least five years’ experience and is not designed solely for new business directors; in tough economic times

Winning new business is the life line for every agency, and everyone in the agency must share responsibility for attracting and winning new clients.


Participants will learn new skills, sharpen existing skills and develop a keen focus on what it takes to win.

They will learn the truth about what clients love and hate about pitching agencies, why they really change agencies and key tips on how to manage resources in the most efficient way whilst working as a team.