Leading today and tomorrow

This course is taught by Hilary Fraser

What is it?

In the daily busy-ness, it can be difficult to step back and assess what you could be doing differently as a leader.  You need to balance your workload and meet competing commitments, you have to ensure that goals are reached and that your people feel empowered, you may struggle to make good decisions as your attention is fragmented - and you want to develop yourself although it feels like you are running to stand still and there is no time. Yet the capacity to project credibility, to connect authentically, to achieve results through teams and communicate powerfully all determines an executive’s ultimate level of success. If you know that “what got you here, won’t get you there”, then this programme is designed to help you meet the challenge of doing things differently today that will help you progress tomorrow.

This two-day leadership development programme focuses on three key areas considered fundamental to making changes in leadership effectiveness.  We take an inside-out approach, building awareness and then putting in place strategies to strengthen our own mindset, increase our sense of purpose and proactivity, and enhance the impact that we have on others.

Discussions, exercises, skills practice, role-plays and rehearsal are used to ensure that the learning is engaging, relevant and easily transferable back to the workplace.

Who is it for?

Leaders wanting actionable learning to support them in their current roles and help prepare them for the next step up.


This ‘actionable learning’ programme will produce a significant increase to your personal impact and effectiveness as a leader. You will learn to make changes in your everyday behaviour that will have significant impact in the short and longer-term.  You will be able to adopt more useful and resourceful approaches in order to manage yourself and influence others and to achieve decisions and communication based on purpose and clarity.