Lifting the Morale of a Team

This course is taught by Elissa Tefler

What is it?

We have all been finding it tough the past few years. Teams are being asked to climb yet another mountain under increasing stress and strain – yet with no prospect of a pay rise… So how do we motivate a team that we have stretched to the limit?

This course is designed to help lift the spirits of a team – to help them find their own internal levels of motivation.

Who is it for?

For any team that is under-functioning or in need of finding a new level of energy and shared commitment


The course is designed to re-invigorate a team by helping to align their personal objectives and values to that of the team/organisation.

The workshop will help the team become more focused on opportunity rather than problems. It will encourage the team to identify the key blocks and empower them to develop workable solutions to the problems.

At the end of the course the delegates will be more self-aware and more committed.

The workshop will be highly participatory, involving both discussion and activities.