Managing Multi-Discipline Project Teams

This course is taught by Paul Arnold, Elissa Telfer

With the massive growth of media opportunities to engage with our target consumers, we are seeing an increasing tendency of a multitude of agencies being brought together to work on developing an integrated solution.

This brings with it a whole host of issues which, if left unresolved, can undermine the effectiveness of the team and the ability to develop strong, effective, consistent communications.

Who is it for?

This workshop can either be run for an integrated multi-discipline team, or for any Account Director or Client who is working (and often frustrated) with a multi-agency team.


To provide the awareness, skills and strategies to help improve the effectiveness of running a multi-discipline team.

The workshop will focus on identifying the issues and blocks and co-create solutions to address the issues. It will also provide some key skills and belief systems to help improve the way people manage such complex teams.

The workshop's content is driven by the course leader’s research from interviewing over 30 integrated team leaders and his own experience of running a global team.