Maximising your Personal Impact, Authority and Confidence

This course is taught by Siobhan Stanley

Trainers love to say: "research tells us..."- always a good ploy to support a point, so here is a fact that cannot be disputed: we create an impression within approximately seven seconds of meeting someone for the first time.

What are you going to do with those seven seconds?

What is it?

This course is concerned with this and other powerful questions:

  • Do you feel fresh and switched-on when engaging with the people you meet?
  • Do you believe in the power of your own influence?
  • Can you liberate a presentation from the dreary captivity of PowerPoint!
  • Are you making the most of language, verbal and non-verbal?

This course is designed to help develop and improve the personal communication skills of every participant and help coach them towards becoming more to communicate with more authority and confidence.

Who is it for?

People of all levels of experience who want, or need, to develop more personal impact and confidence.

The course will help all participants find their inner voice and learn how to project themselves brilliantly.


There's great pleasure to be had in the powerful business relationships we build when we learn to develop our innate ability to connect and inspire.

Another little phrase trainers love to use: “people fall into one of two camps, Radiators (who give our heat and energy) or Drains (who take away heat and energy).” Be a Radiator!