Motivating Teams for Optimal Performance

This course is taught by Siobhan Stanley, Richard Robinson

A conscious and engaged team will flow effortlessly through the stages of its development and evolution, delivering optimal performance and attracting the right people for the right jobs.

What is it?

This is a structured facilitation which offers an opportunity for a team to take valuable time away from their daily routine to share and connect with nothing more on the agenda than how best they can co-create a great environment, meaningful relationships and optimal business practices. It is a time to discuss visions for the future and also address what may currently be blocking the success or health of the team.

Who is it for?

Any team (from long-standing to newly formed teams), local or across different geographies, small or large. It is for teams who would like to both consolidate relationships and inter-communication and for those teams who struggle with focus, results or cohesion.


This workshop offers knowledge, sharing, practice, and support. From knowing how to re-evaluate professional boundaries (mate or manager?), to active listening, delivering powerful and motivational feedback, to structuring a team charter.

Modules included in the programme are:

  • Situational Leadership - how to assess the levels of competence and flex leadership style in order to partner effectively
  • Co-active coaching – establish powerful goals
  • EQ – Daniel Goleman’s self-assessment questionnaire
  • Micromanagement and under-management - how to avoid both

Managers and team members will leave this workshop inspired and confident and always keen to adopt their new skills.