Navigating Brands through the Digital Landscape

This course is taught by Dietmar Dahmen, Mirage Islam

What is it?

Embracing innovation and engaging with customers and clients on a level playing field is a must for any Advertiser and their Brand.

This one day digital trends workshop takes a look at how leading brands are successfully navigating the ever-changing digital landscape and using the latest technological developments to their advantage.

Rapid developments in digital communications have empowered the masses and brought about significant changes. These changes are not only in consumer behaviour but also in how organisations have to operate internally and externally.

Who is it for?

This workshop is ideal for agency staff at all levels, especially those required to:

  • Create innovative solutions to complex client requirements
  • Client-facing and those wanting to learn more about our 365, always connected environment


  • Provide delegates with the latest online, mobile and social media trends, along with examples of cutting edge campaigns by leading global brands that can be utilised on a daily basis
  • Experience of application of new knowledge in a team focused, time-constrained competitive environment