Negotiation skills

This course is taught by Paul Arnold

“As I hurtled through Space, one thought kept occupying my mind... every part of this Space Shuttle had been supplied by the lowest-cost bidder.” John Glenn

If this is your mindset after dealing with client procurement teams, then you need to know how to negotiate. Too often the cry is that “we hate procurement”, “they don’t understand us” when in fact many agencies are ill equipped and not prepared to be able to understand the mindset of procurement and how they work. One of the complaints from client procurement teams is that agencies are poor negotiators and actually say yes too easily (which creates suspicion).

What is it?

This is a course to help you learn and understand about negotiating with procurement.

The course will be mix of theory and practical. It will look at the problems that you are dealing with, talk through the methods that you can adopt and help you develop techniques and strategies in order to get you to your BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement).

You are negotiating every day at the moment but don’t realize it. This course will walk you through the process and make you more confident next time you are sitting across the table about to negotiate a contract and fees. The practical exercises will be fun but will illustrate the point that both negotiating sides have different agendas and it is about learning how to reach a win: win for both parties at the end of the process.

Who is it for?

Everyone involved in negotiation, either with clients or suppliers; those who are expected to protect and develop business margins while maintain strong and positive relationships with their business partners.


To help individual learn the principles of negotiation and develop confidence in the process of negotiation; participants will also have the opportunity to use and practice new and useable techniques.