Building the perfect paid social media campaign

This course is taught by Dominika Dworak

What is it?

An engaging and complex course that will give you a better  understanding of what Paid Social really means. This course will take  you through the principles of social performances on Facebook, Facebook Ad Formats and will explain how to choose your Promotion Technics. The second half of the course offers a hands-on excercise where participants apply what they've learned developing a strategy in response to a brief and client. This is a unique course to go through the entire process of Paid Social; from mastering the concepts to  applying them.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at anyone who is responsible for developing and implementing digital campaigns or has an interested in Social Media, Marketing, Advertising and Promotional Tactics.


You will be able to master the best types of ads to meet different marketing objectives, you will understand the advanced options of targeting and you will have no problems in planning a budget or estimating the effects of your promotional methods.