Planning an Effective Digital RM Campaign

This course is taught by Nick Baggott

How to develop digital engaging campaigns from objective setting to media selection and measurement

What is it?

Many clients are using digital channels. But do they have a robust digital strategy? Do they integrate digital into on-going engaging relationship marketing programs?

This training session takes you through the process of building a relationship marketing program where most of the dialogue will happen via digital channels, such as search, blogs and social media and much of the conversation will be customer to customer as well as brand to customer.

You will learn how to build campaigns from setting objectives and targeting appropriate audiences to media planning, channel selection and measurement.

Who is it for?

Senior agency people who are responsible for developing campaigns:

Client Service Directors, Group Account Directors, Account Directors, Senior Planners.


Delegates will have a clear understanding of how to build an engaging relationship marketing program using digital channels.

They will have a clear understanding of when and how to use each of the key digital channels from advertising and search to blogging and social.