Programmatic advertising - fuelling digital growth

This course is taught by Graham Wylie

What is it?

With the advent of the real-time digital economy, industries and marketers face unprecedented challenges brought about by an explosion of data and platforms that are transforming the business landscape. As digital marches on towards establishing itself as the central pillar of consumer interaction, technology in general and programmatic in particular has emerged as a driving force of this tectonic change. The course looks at the current state of programmatic and explains why and how it is perceived as being crucial to the future of advertising.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at senior agency people who are responsible for developing and implementing digital campaigns: Client Service Directors, Group Account Managers, Account Directors, Senior Planners.


Participants will get a thorough understanding of the main concepts of Programmatic and its role in the growing digital economy of Europe. An overview of the evolution of Programmatic will be offered, clarifying the key parts of the digital value chain and how this is continuously shaped by new technologies. Participants will get a thorough understanding of the main Programmatic technologies and key players in the market, and will also understand the main benefits of Programmatic through real-world case-studies and examples, with a focus on the buy-side.