Resilience through growth

This course is taught by Paul Arnold

What is it?

Life is getting more complex and pressurised. We all get knocks in life – but people deal with it differently. Some seem to have the power to brush it off and  keep pushing on, whilst others crumble. This workshop provides people with insights and tools to better deal with the pressures in life – be it at work or at home.

Who is it for?


Primarily aimed at Account Manager/Director level with 2-6 years experience (in whatever function they are in).

It’s for people who want to live the Hero’s journey


To instill skills and strategies to help overcome the pressures and setbacks in agency life.

At the end of the course the delegates will be more self aware and better equipped to help ride through the pressures of agency life in a positive, constructive manner.

The course will be highly participatory, involving both discussion, activities and ‘role playing’. We will primarily work with real scenarios the delegates are facing to help them prepare both physically and psychologically for the future (and past)  situations.