The Power & Magic of Storytelling in Business

This course is taught by Paul Arnold

Naked truth sat alone, sad and unattired.

“Why are you so miserable?” Parable inquired.

Naked truth replied, “I’m not welcome anymore.

No-one wants to see me. They chase me from the door.”

“It is hard to look at naked truth”, Parable explained.

“Let me dress you up a bit. Your welcome will be gained.”

Parable dressed Naked Truth in story’s fine attire,

With metaphor, poignant prose and plots to inspire,

With laughter and tears and adventure to unveil,

Together they went forth to spin a tale.

People opened their doors and served them their best.

Naked Truth dressed in story was a welcome guest.

What is it?

Our success as a manager/leader is directly related to our personal ability to inspire others to help us make things happen.

Storytelling is an invaluable skill that engages people emotionally and convinces beyond logical reasoning.

Who is it for?

Account Handlers and Strategic Planners looking to become more persuasive and memorable business communicators


To instill an understanding and confidence in the key skills of business storytelling.

The workshop will focus on identifying the different roles of storytelling in a business. It will explore the different types of stories that exist, and the key components that make up any story.

Each person will be encouraged to take a real business/management issue they face and explore it through story.

At the end of the course the delegates will be able to more successfully use story to help convince others of their point of view.

The workshop will be highly participatory, involving both discussion and activities.

During the course you will have the opportunity to work as a team on cracking a significant business problem or opportunity. You may even come away knowing how you can save your organisation millions of Euros!

“If people are the heartbeat of the organisation, then ideas are our oxygen”: Molson Coors