Understanding Clients' Business

This course is taught by Paul Burns

Understanding clients’ business is the third most important factor when appointing an agency and the most often quoted reason for leaving them. Yet, account handlers spend so much time managing projects that they lose sight of why they’re managing them.

What is it?

This course helps agency employees get a real and tangible understanding of their clients’ business.

It will give them the confidence and inclination to want to find out more about their clients’ business and through this create new revenue building opportunities and happier clients. In this course, we use a mix of case studies, workshop sessions, anecdotes and discussion. We emphasise the importance of seeing the bigger picture but also getting immersed in the data when it matters.

Who is it for?

It is aimed at account handlers with at least two years’ experience. They will have a good grasp of working with clients but are ready to look for opportunities that exist when they really get under the skin of their business.


We aim to give our delegates the tools, motivation and confidence to dig deeper and ask the right questions. Having a deeper grasp of our clients’ business will help them win new assignments and create even more effective ideas.