Writing Compelling Briefs

This course is taught by Paul Burns, Paul Arnold

What is it?

Creative Briefs are the key instruction to a creative team. The clearer and more unambiguous the brief is, the more likely the creative work will be brilliant and right first time.

That’s why it’s critical we understand how a great creative brief is written.

In this course we will explore the key parts of a Creative Brief. How to write them in an inspiring way and importantly how to identify what information can help us and which key questions we need to ask.

We will also think how we brief our creative partners, as this can be as important as the written brief itself.

Who is it for?

Account Handlers and Planners with 3-5 years’ experience.

People who are becoming frustrated that they are not involved enough in writing the Creative Brief and feel detached from the creative work.


  • Enable delegates to write and contribute to brilliant and inspiring Creative Briefs
  • Recognise that better briefs, better briefing and better work leads to a happier client and a more profitable business