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Digital Video Advertising: great opportunities and some over-promising

Oliver Gertz

How is virtual reality revolutionizing marketing and communication?

Lara Rincon

Virtual Reality: big buzz or real added value for clients?

Oscar Bastiaens

Voodoo Marketing

Ronald Voorn

Context, the true king of the digital revolution

Dan Mares

Ad Blocking software

David Frew

Freelance or employed?

Jan Kürzinger

What the client wants

Richard Robinson

Integrated Marketing

Simon Francis

Measuring the effectiveness of an ad

Kaya van Enckevort

Running international campaigns

Dominic Lyle

Pitching better

Micky Denehy

What advertising can and cannot do

Gwyn March

Getting a job in advertising

Frances Illingworth

Living the dream

Sanne Rahbek & Jergus Slota

Understanding the client's business

Paul Burns

How to structure a presentation

Tish Mousell

What sort of engagement works in social media?

Richard Stacy

Convergence and the Future of Advertising

John Delacruz

Personal branding through social media

Pieter Van Herreweghen & Peter Edom

The magic and power of storytelling in business

Paul Arnold

The future of you

Dietmar Dahmen

Games beyond gamification

Nathan Miller

Building emotional connections

Micky Denehy