Cyprus University of Technology

The Cyprus University of Technology is a modern and innovative institution internationally recognized for its commitment to excellence in education and cutting-edge research. Its primary goal is to contribute to the scientific, technological, economic, social, and cultural advancement of our country. The university’s mission is to provide high-quality education and training using modern pedagogical methods, disseminate scientific knowledge through research and teaching, and address challenges in Science and Technology to benefit both the state and society. This mission focuses on three key areas: education, aimed at offering competitive programs and fostering employable graduates; research, innovation, and knowledge transfer; and social contribution, promoting culture, the environment, health, and sports through collaboration with various stakeholders in society.

  1. The Undergraduate Program in “Integrated Marketing Communication” aims to cultivate students’ knowledge, skills, and innovative thinking in the field of Integrated Marketing Communication. It offers specializations in “Advertising, Public Relations, and Impression Communication” for diverse career prospects and “Perception Management and Political Communication” for political communication expertise.
  2. The MSc program “Experiential Digital Marketing Communications (XDMarComs),” commencing in September 2024, is dedicated to advancing knowledge and science. It addresses educational, societal, and developmental needs in both the country and the EU. The program focuses on training top-tier professionals and scientists in Marketing Communications for the Experience Economy in an ever-evolving Digital World. It encompasses cutting-edge subjects like Agility and Sustainability, IoT (Internet of Things), Data Analytics and AI, Phygital Customer Experience, Value-Based Marketing, and Content Creation and Management.
  3. The Doctoral Program of Study (DPS) “Integrated Marketing Communications” at the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) aims to deliver exceptional doctoral-level education, foster interdisciplinary research, and contribute to international science development. The program focuses on promoting innovation, developing research skills, and understanding applied research in Marketing and Communications. Upon completion, students are expected to possess comprehensive theoretical knowledge, analytical and synthesis abilities, awareness of empirical research contributions, critical analysis skills, the capacity for valid empirical or creative work, and the capability to autonomously produce academic texts and design educational materials.
Maria Voutsa
Maria Voutsa is a member of the Special Teaching Staff at the Department of Communication and Marketing within the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies at the Cyprus University of Technology. With a strong academic background, she holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics, an M.Sc. in Informatics and Management, and a PhD in Advertising and Consumer Behaviour.
Her research interests encompass the captivating fields of Advertising, Consumer Behavior, and Social Media Marketing. Her recent projects have delved into various intriguing topics, including the effectiveness of humorous advertising, the impact of LGBT portrayals in advertising, and the efficacy of social media platforms like Instagram and BeReal in shaping self-perception and evaluation. Her contributions have been published in academic journals, including the Journal of Consumer Behavior, the International Journal of Humor Research, and the International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising, among others.
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