ECS (Paris)

ECS Paris is a private communications school that is part of the MediaSchool. ECS Paris aims to shape the next generation of communications professionals and prepare them for the job market.

The Mediaschool group believes that it is essential to promote the joy of studying by achieving academic rigor and practicing on real life cases. When you reach postgraduate level you should keep the sharpest possible focus on the demands of future employers. They conduct regular audits to ensure that students and tutors are following the current examination specifications and options. They place great emphasis on the presentation facing professional juries. They use exam-based teaching methods featuring written homework and timed tests. Students receive regular examination practice in addition to sitting trial examinations in December and May. By forming agencies composed by student groups, they ensure full understanding of the cases on different levels and build confidence and team spirit. Relatively small class sizes (average 20) and intensive tuition mean that all students are given personal attention. When additional explanation is necessary, their teachers make time available on a one-to-one basis. Our goal is to make our graduates the most sought after by agencies profiles, media and advertisers in their chosen specialty.

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