Hogeschool Utrecht

The HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is an ambitious university in dynamic surroundings. Its provides education and conduct research that is in high demand in the labour market and are inextricably tied to the Utrecht region. The link between education, research, and the professional world enhances its regional impact. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) is one of the largest further education colleges in the Netherlands and is funded by the state. It has over 38,000 students with more than one hundred different nationalities. And yet, our students still experience our educational environment as small-scale and personal. This is thanks to the numerous locations where the courses are housed according to discipline and the high quality of our teaching staff, who place great emphasis on personal supervision.

Luc Van Dijk-Wijmenga

Luc van Dijk-Wijmenga (1989) is the owner of AeronAdvies, which is independent marketing consultancy agency. AeronAdvies excels when it comes to online marketing, innovation and social impact. Luc loves to work in an inspiring environment while working independently at the same time. He learns quickly and is being a valued member of any team. His specialties are: social media marketing, marketing communication and public relations. Luc holds a master degree in Communication Sciences (MSc), with a focus on effects of user generated content on brand-value. Besides working for AeronAdvies, Luc teaches marketing courses at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Windesheim University of applied sciences. Luc also coordinates an international graduation course with students and supervisors around the world and is involved in several Erasmus projects. 

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