Pantheon University

Alongside Oxford and Bologna, the Sorbonne is one of the oldest universities in the world. Some forty thousand students are enrolled in 14 teaching and research departments (Unites de Formation et de Recherche) and 5 Institutes, which offer top level degree courses in law, political science, economics, management and the humanities. The programs are organized with apprenticeship. Students study courses on Thursday and Friday at the university and they work in communication agencies or firms during the first half of the week.

Mathilde Gollety

unknown_personMathilde Golletty qualified as a professor in management sciences in 2009 at the university of Paris II Panthéon Assas. She is director of the Masters Program Marketing and Business Communications, at both beginners and advanced level in France, Luxembourg and Morocco. Together with Philippe Tassi, she launched in September 2015 a continuous professional development programme in Intelligence Marketing and Measuring Markets. She is also responsible for partner strategy within the Association Française du Marketing and is the treasurer of the association. She is vice-president of the office of CFA FormaSup Paris (structure which manages apprenticeships). She was also a member of the CNU (National Council of Universities) from 2008 to 2015. Specialist in marketing, her major research topics focus on innovation, behaviour of child consumers, health nutritional consumption and qualitative methodologies.


Sophia Halifa 
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