The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The Hague University of Applied Sciences has more than 25,000 students and 1,800 staff members who come from over 145 different countries. THUAS offers 47 fulltime Bachelor’s programmes and 7 master’s programmes. It specialises its programmes in the areas of Technology, Innovation Society, Healthcare and Sports, ICT & Media, Education, Economics, Law, Safety and Security. Furthermore, the university offers research groups or ‘lectorates’ in a wide range of fields.

Tim Hoppen

Tim HoppenAfter graduating in communication and linguistics, I decided to become a travel agent, because I enjoyed traveling so much. Eight years later I switched to Education. I have been working at THUAS for more than 20 years, where I lecture communication and critical thinking. Furthermore I am the chair of the thesis committee and I am part of the curriculum committee and a research group. My fields of expertise are: Lecturing, Connecting people, Study career guidance, Study tracking systems, Curriculum development, Management of courses, Communication and marketing communication, Business Communication, Critical thinking, Creating links between education and business, Internationalisation and interculturalisation, International collaboration in education, Supervising (international) projects and (international) internships, Incorporation of intercultural dimensions in education, Thesis tutoring, Assessment of theses.

Inge Barkmeijer

Curious by nature, marketeer by heart, lecturer by profession. Key interests are: Branding, MarCom and Social Media Marketing.
Typically Inge: Creative, Curious, Creating possibilities and Cheerful.  (The 4 C’s!)


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