Technological University Dublin

Both the Masters in Advertising and the Postgraduate Diploma in Advertising and Digital Communications programmes are part of the School of Marketing, Technological University Dublin. The mission of the School of Marketing centres on teaching and learning, research, industry partnership and community contribution. The School seeks to

  • Be at the leading edge of marketing education in Ireland at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels
  • Produce graduates who are ‘work ready and change ready’
  • Contribute to the community through creating outstanding corporate leaders
  • Have a positioning as being ‘close to business and the business professions’, complementing the positioning of the Faculty of Business
  • Have excellence and innovation in learning, teaching and research
  • Have a global orientation in terms of staff and student profile and mobility

Throughout both programmes relevant for membership a diverse range of teaching and learning strategies are employed. This generally includes lectures, guest lectures, case study, presentations, debate, discussion and self-directed learning in addition to group directed learning. It is intended to provide the students with a stimulating learning environment conducive to the attainment of the learning outcomes of the programmes.

Rosie Hand

16/05/2013 EDUCATION. Rosie Hand. Programme Co-ordinator, Postgraduate in Advertising, DIT . My Education week. Photo: Clodagh Kilcoyne

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