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In the Bachelor's category Kirsten Van Beuzekom from Hogeschool Utrecht won the first prize with her work "An inspirational story: what marketers can learn from storytelling by sport brands".

2016 bachelor winner

Kirsten Van Beuzekom, BA winner 2016

Kirsten"After graduating from the University of Applied Sciences with a very successful thesis, my supervisor contacted me if I was interested to take part in the Thesis Competition. I was proud of the research I delivered and also wanted to see how it was received by other professionals, and besides the winner won a seat at the Summer School.  So I thought 'no guts no glory'. After submitting an abstract and a clear poster explaining my research, the waiting began. Every time I heard my thesis was through to the next round I got more excited, but nervous at the same time. Until I eventually heard that I won the competition, I couldn't believe it! It felt really good to get more recognition for the work I put in my thesis, not only from the members of edcom but also other professionals who heard about it after it was published. Taking part in the Thesis Competition is a valuable asset, for your personal development but also visibility in the professional field. I am now excited to attend the Summer School in Berlin and learn even more!"

Yvonne Kolen, MA winner 2016yvonne

"I was honored to be chosen by my university to enter the edcom thesis competition. Next to the wonderful prize that’s being offered (flight and accommodation for the EACA International Summer School for Students), winning for me means European recognition of the research I’ve conducted."


In the Master's category Yvonne Kolen from NHTV University won the first prize with her work "Interactive digital narratives and the narrative paradox".

2016 master winner