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In the Bachelor's category Rebecca Hamers from NHTVwon the first prize with her work "The influence of message framing and issue involvement in communications on persuasion: A meat-eating application".


Rebecca Hamers, NHTV, BA winner 2017
Rebecca Hamers Promo Pic"After graduating with honors from my university, I received an e-mail from the edcom representative of my school. He asked if I was interested in submitting my thesis to the edcom thesis competition. As I was honored by his e-mail and proud of the work I delivered, I obviously said yes. Even though I didn't have many expectations in the beginning, I got more and more excited every time I received a message that I made it through to the next round. I was absolutely over the moon to find out that I won first place in the Bachelor's category: it means that I will be attending the EACA International Summer School in Prague! I am very happy and thankful for the opportunities edcom has provided me, and the experience has taught me that hard work always pays off. I am excited to see what the future holds!"

Ida Foerster, FH Wien, MA winner 2017

"I was very pleased to have been selected as representative of my University to participate in the edcom Thesis Competition and it was exciting to proceed further and further in the selection process. I am really proud to receive recognition for my work on a European level and I believe that the most important thing is for everybody to believe in themselves."


In the Master's category Ida Foerster from FH Wien won the first prize with her work "The role of social media in communication. Exploration of the connection between deployed channels, the interaction with the Facebook community and the importance of social media in corporate communications"

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