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In the Bachelor category, Iris van Uden, a student from Fontys School of Economics won with her thesis "How communications can help seniors t stay healthy and self-sufficient"

BA winner

Iris van Uden, Fontys School of Economics, BA winner 2019

"After graduating, I was honored when my supervisor contacted me if I was interested to represent my University of Applied Sciences in the edcom Thesis Competition. The recognition I received for the work I and my supervisors put in my thesis taught me to trust my knowledge and abilities. Taking part in the competition meant going out of my comfort zone, but I can recommend it to anyone!"

Ana Zikic, IADE, MA winner 2019

"I am greatly honored I was chosen to represent my University (IADE) to participate in the EDCOM Thesis Competition. It has been an amazing experience and I am very thankful to my Professors, University and everyone who supported me on this academic and personal journey. It is impressive to know that my efforts have been recognized at the European level. This makes me very proud, happy and gives a ‘wind at my back’ to continue."

Alexandre Duarte, Professor at IADE

"It is with great honor that I received the news that, for the 3rd time, an IADE student wins the Thesis Competition. On the one hand, this prize represents the essence of EDCOM's spirit: to combine knowledge and its applicability in communication projects with academic relevance, as well as stimulates the development and promotion of students in an international competitive framework. On the other hand, because it proves the excellence of the academic programs of the IADE / Universidade Europeia, which not only motivates us, but also obliges us to be better and more demanding with ourselves each day, by setting the bar of quality even more high.”


In the Master's category Ana Zikic from IADE won the first prize with her work "Just-In-Time Measures for Fashion Brand Management"

MA winner
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