Winners 2018


In the Bachelor category, Caitlin Brands,  student from Avans Hogeschool, win with her paper aiming to close the bridge between media agencies, advertisers and consumers.

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Caitlin Brands, Avans Hogeschool, BA winner 2018
"After I graduated, I was very honored to have been selected as a representative of my University of Applied Sciences to participate in the edcom Thesis Competition. As I got further in the process, I got more and more excited and I am very proud to receive recognition for my work on a European level. The most important insight I have gained from participating in this competition is to just believe in yourself and in your work on which you have worked so hard for such a long time!"

Patricia Oliveira, IADE, MA winner 2018
"I was very delighted and grateful to have been selected as the representative of my University to participate in the edcom Thesis Competition. It was two years of effort, dedication and hard work on an idea in which I always believed, and now to see this work recognized at an European level, makes me really proud and happy to have made the journey.

I believe that my thesis makes a very good contribution to the academic community, and I hope it will generate discussion and stimulate further research based on the ideas that it brings to the fields of Marketing and Communication, like the JIT Brand Model, and especially in the Urban Tourism segment, that continues to have a very fast growth worldwide and is constantly bringing new challenges.

I can’t go without thanking my University and all who have helped and supported me during this process, I hold them all very dear to my heart, as well as everyone that evaluated my work in this competition. It is important to note that this experience has shown me that all hard work and effort can one day be recognized. Thank you all."

Alexandre Duarte, Professor at IADE
"Since 2011, IADE – Creative University and its students have been involved in many edcom activities, organising Conferences, intensive programmes and the EACA International Advertising Summer School, and participating, with excellent results, in both the Ad Venture Student Competition and the edcom Thesis Competition, winning this last one more than once. This, of course, gives us a feeling of great proud and give us all, specially the students, but also teachers and the rest of the university staff, an extra motivation to keep focused and work hard to pursuit both academic and personal goals. So, congratulations Patricia, congratulations IADE and congratulations Portugal for this award, which will raise our own standards for the next challenges ahead."


In the Master category, it was a student from the Portuguese University of IADE that made jurors agree that she deserves the big prize! Patricia Oliveira impressed the jurors with her thesis entitled  “Hospitality living LAB- A communications device to control satisfaction with tourism and quality of life in the city”.

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Ceremonies for handing over certificates

Professors from IADE Creative University are handing over the certificate to Patricia Oliveira, the Master winner 2018.

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