Storytelling: a brand new world deserves brand new stories

magic open book of fantasy stories

There is no denying that stories have immense power in our lives. They can engage us, hypnotize us, frighten us or inspire us.

But what can they do for business? Are they able to attract consumers? Are they really important to brands? Why?

This presentation will show you how good stories around the world have succeeded in getting brands to connect with people, not only to their consumers, but also to potential clients and influencers. Through countless examples, they will be guided by a true story about joy, passion and involvement.

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Who is Alexandre Duarte?

Alexandre Duarte

With a PhD in Communication Sciences at the University of Minho, a degree in Marketing & Advertising from IADE and and a Master degree in Communication & Image, Alexandre Duarte is a visiting professor in many schools and teaches postgraduate courses. Throughout his career he has had the opportunity to work for several international agencies in Portugal and Brazil, such as TBWA, Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy, W / Portugal, W / Brazil, Lowe and BrandiaCentral, where until recently he worked as a Senior Copywriter. He has held several seminars on communications, and has regularly participated in various conferences and lectures. He is the Communications Director of the Portuguese Federation of Krav Maga, the Text Editor of a surfing magazine called SOUP and occasionally collaborates with several other academic and professional journals.