Context, the true king of the Digital Revolution

edTalk Dan M

In this edTalk, Dan Mares defined contextualisation, described major areas of impact and then presented some of the 2016 trends that prove the driving and creative force of the current information technology is contextualisation.

Like any information revolution, the one we are experiencing now -(the digital revolution) has one attribute that characterises it. As “Dissemination” was the main one for Luther’s revolution, so is "Contextualisation” for the Digital Revolution. In order to understand the current dynamics and foresee any valuable trends, one must see the deep current that animates what is happening now. Digital technology has allowed users to enrich their life with more than access to information, or sharing that information. 

The Digital Revolution has to be understood more than the triumph of personalisation and must be seen as the proper stage for advertisers, producers, brands and services to understand, enhance and ultimately create context for users and consumers. This context is, in my opinion, that sought after ideal of a meaningful connection.


Who is Dan Mares?

Dan Mares

Dan is a Digital Strategy Consultant working with various agencies in Romania. He has worked as a Digital Strategist for McCann Prague where he was directly involved in developing the new Vodafone Youth Platform. Previously he was part of the inception and launch of Indygen, a youth focused MVNO built for Vodafone Romania, as the Digital Experience Manager. He also worked with JTI to create a unified digital platform for all consumer activations, campaigns and CRM projects and before that, was part of the SAB Miller Team in Romania coordinating the digital communication projects for the beer portfolio in the Romanian market. His main focus is how technology is redefining brands, their structure, their proposition and connection to their audience. From digital transformation processes to enhancing customer services, Dan’s work has been about finding new ways to make brands more relevant through digital technology.

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