A Day In The Life Of A Junior Strategic Planner

Just as nearly all millennials, I truly believe in the idea that the world can be changed for the better, as long as you try hard enough to make it happen. That's actually how I got interested in the advertising sector, because in advertising, you try to change the mindset of thousands of people.

Then, it's super important to understand that you can choose to work for both well paying clients, which is important for economic health etc., as for amazing organisations that do try to change the world for the better.


Who is Isabelle Cuykx?


I'm 24 years old, recently moved to the wonderful city of Antwerp where I share an apartment with my best friend.

When I'm not at work, I love to do fencing, it's by far my favorite sport. I also love to cook and to work with chocolate in particular, some days a year I even make my own pralines if I have a full day off ;). But most importantly, I like to laugh. Especially laugh till I cry and cannot stop anymore. It's simply the best.

I'm a rather cheerful person, a bit chaotic as well, but most of all a very curious one. I love to learn new things, and that's why being a strategic planner is just the best job in the world. Every time you have a new client or pitch, you have to read and work with new information till you become a mini-expert. Every day, you're trying to find just the right solution for your clients or their customers' needs and that's why curiosity and problem solving are key.