How is virtual reality revolutionizing marketing and communication?


Imagine you could see your house before it has even been constructed? Imagine you could visit different hotels for your honeymoon without even moving from your living room? Imagine you could tour your next university campus even before applying? We are approaching an era where we will be able to seamlessly recreate any real experience in VR with 360 visual immersion, position tracking, and hand interactions. Virtual Reality is about to fundamentally change the way we live, communicate and experience our world. The only barrier left will be our imagination...

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Who is Lara Rincon?


Lara Rincon is the Country manager of the digital marketing agency “Tres Prima” – Spanish subsidiarity of "Trois Prime". She specialises in virtual reality since 2013 and has developed more than 10 VR animations for various clients. She’s also a speaker at the ESSEC Business School, France and MBA teacher at CEU San Pablo, Spain.