A Day In The Life Of A Junior Strategic Planner

While determined to reach out for A’s in the Uni, Leini wasn’t determined about what exactly she would be doing after graduation.

Life took some turns, and despite graduating in the worst possible downfall of the recession in 2009, she found herself employed in the media and advertising business shortly after finishing her degree in marketing.

Who is Leini Sinikangas?


Having worked in various positions at DDB, Discovery Networks, commercial productions and media agencies she is happy to have chosen Marketing as her field of professional life as it is such a wide and inspiring industry. In her current job as a Client Manager at Marketing Agency Dagmar, she finds that being able to work with both human sciences and hard data, as well as being able to work in close cooperation with a team of experts, media houses and marketing professionals of client businesses form a motivating and inspiring working environment. There is never a dull moment and you learn something new everyday.

Leini was bitten by a travel bug already as a kid and she has had the opportunity to explore the world by not only holiday-making but also studying and working abroad in multiple countries. She still finds travelling exciting but also finds pleasure in spending her leisure time by exercising, playing the trumpet in a big band and hanging out with her miniature Dachshund puppy.