A day in the life of a Media Planner

In this podcast, Maša shares her story of how she chose her career  of Media Planner in a difficult time of an economic crisis, but she hasn't looked back since.

Growing up, Maša wanted to become a lot of things but nothing spoke to her until she came across a class in college that was about analyzing marketing campaigns.

When she learned the basics of Excel, and her professor noticed her curiosity in this field of work, she got an amazing opportunity to work as an assistant at Pristop Media. She quickly proved to be precise and well-organized and progressed to become a junior media planner.

Who is Maša Gregorič?

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Maša is a media planner at Pristop Media in Slovenia. She fell in love with media planning and analyses when she was in college and started working for this very successful Slovenian media agency when she was still a student.

Maša always had a strong sense of responsibility, she wanted to be independent and "in charge" of her own life. She is very organized and that is why she is perfect for the job of a media planner. She can keep lots of details in her head and has a talent of »great time management« and thus successfully leads her clients' media campaigns.

These characteristics may lead you to believe she is uptight, but that isn't the case with Maša. During her studies, she lived in Finland for six months, met the REAL Santa Claus, danced through the streets of Cuba and swam with the dolphins. Other than being a travel maniac, she also loves to cook, especially Italian food. She loves animals and reading books, but her all-time favourite way of wasting time is »solving« jigsaw puzzles – she is currently working on one with 4000 pieces.