Games beyond gamification

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Games change people's behaviour and mindstates because they are so engaging... so what makes a great game, and more importantly, what can campaigns learn from great games? In this edTalk, Nathan discusses these topics and some casestudies.

Who is Nathan Miller?

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Oh hi! I’m Nathan, Crayon’s Insight Curator. It’s my role to source, curate and share valuable information and understanding in customer behaviour, cultural relevance and emerging technologies in order to improve our work. I’m currently on a 3 month sabbatical at Google. Recently I have been the catalyst of insight behind successful projects for Honda, Sony, Grant’s Whisky, Porsche and Camelot.  My favourite feeling in life occurs when I am able to successfully manage and mediate knowledge and understanding to the person or institution that will improve their wellbeing and work. I’ve recently launched a place for my colleagues to catch the most up-to-date ideas that interest us and inform our work -

My innate abilities in pattern recognition, synthesis and lateral comprehension led me from an English Literature degree to working on Nokia’s Global Trends at Flamingo International as well as being a Community Manager for Face Co-Creation on Coca-Cola. Outside of work I’m fascinated by the internet, how culture is created, music, film and anything at the burning edge of fringe innovation.

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