Virtual Reality: big buzz or real added value for clients?


During the edTalk “Virtual Reality: big buzz or real added value for clients?” Oscar talked about the recent developments in VR and the benefits that both industry and consumers see in the future in different industries. However, it is also very important to take a critical look towards VR and look beyond the hype to see whether VR is really the 'next big thing' for everyone, or just a few. Many large companies (Google, Facebook, Shanghai Media Group) are investing a lot of money in VR, while so many questions are still unanswered. For example, what is the difference in experience between an animated environment and a filmed environment? We all know VR is now a big buzz in the industry, but when the wow-factor wears off, where will the technology settle, and will audiences still be interested?

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Who is Oscar Bastiaens?


Oscar Bastiaens is a lecturer in semiotics and multi-narrative design at the NHTV, Breda University of Applied Sciences. Besides lecturing, Oscar is involved in research on VR and transmedia and he is coordinator of The Creative Lab, an extra-curricular platform for experimentation and innovation. 3 years ago, The Creative Lab was one of the first in the world to produce a 360 fiction film called 'Dyskinetic', their latest 360 film 'XSNTCE' has been nominated for the Bright VR Talent Award.

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