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edTalk Sanne R & Jergus S

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work in an advertising agency? In this webinar, Sanne Rahbek and Jergus Slota take us through the ins and outs of a typical working day for an agency professional.

Who is Sanne Rahbek?


Sanne has worked the last few years with several social media communication strategies, concept development, design of competitions for large customers and planning and execution of creative workshops. Parallel to this she is in a learning program where she observes an agency’s way of handling clients’ business from brief to execution.

Who is Jergus Slota?

Jergus Slota photo

Jergus is currently working as a Strategic Communications Planner for ZenithOptimedia Prague. He is responsible for media
and strategic planning and handles creative sessions for the whole agency.

His major clients are O2 (telco operator), Puma (apparel) and also handles new business strategies.

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