Voodoo Marketing


Ronald Voorn presented an edTalk on Voodoo Marketing in which he talked about the latest scientific insights into how persuasion works and how it divides current marketing methods into three categories ranging from very open to the very hidden methods.

He also published a book on Voodoo marketing, which offers companies, consumers and lawmakers several helpful suggestions on how to deal with the different methods. The starting point in this is mutual respect for each other’s roles and the principal that Marketing should add value to people’s lives.

Who is Ronald Voorn?

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Until 2011 Ronald Voorn, a MSc EMP PhD candidate, worked in advertising, marketing (Global Brand Director Heineken) and executive management (Heineken Vietnam, Netherland Antilles, Bahamas, Lebanon and others). He holds a masters degree in Marketing Communications, was awarded the title of Expert Marketing Professional and is currently finishing a PhD in consumer psychology. Ronald teaches consumer behaviour and marketing communication at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and is the lecturer for the master course 'the psychology of advertising and marketing' at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. He is founder of the Science for Business Group consultancy that helps to unlock new scientific findings for organisations and is a guest lecturer at the Universities of Amsterdam, Leiden and Leuven.

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