2016: Ad Blocking

Team Aedion from King's College London (UK) with the campaign "Your Web Vote"

Wayne D’Cruz, Chi Zhang,  Mu You and Petya Karagyozova



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Wayne D'Cruz_profile pic"I am grateful to EACA for this wonderful opportunity to have been in the company of some of the most talented creative minds from across the world. It is just what I needed on the cusp of graduation — merci beaucoup!”

Chi Zhang_profile pic“It was a great opportunity to learn from great brains and feel the power of creativity! I was truly touched and inspired by those innovative ideas dedicated to making a difference to human life. I felt lucky to have this opportunity to broaden my vision and make me rethink how creativity can do immense good in making our world a better place.”

Peyta_profile pic“It was such an amazing experience! There is something truly inexplicable about the immersive environment the festival offers! Having the opportunity to interact with some leading female creative directors left me incredibly inspired and hopeful for the future. This may have been my first time at the Cannes Lions festival but I am certain it is not going to be my last.”

Mu You_profile pic“It was really a pleasure and privilege to have come to the Cannes Lions festival. I was totally blown away by not only all the powerful creative minds and latest innovations the event had to offer, but also the love, passion and faith in creativity itself. The entire experience was truly an eye opener. Thank you EACA, thank you Cannes and thank you, creativity!”

Winners - Team Aedion from Kings College London


Xense - Penny

What Do You Mean Agency - Truth is coming


Campaign summary


Campaign summary

Finalists - Team Xense from University of Leeds

Finalists - Team What Do You Mean Agency from Panthéon University