Ad Venture x LEGO

Winners: HIGHLIGHT from Thomas More University of Applied Science

highlight adventure team

The team: Franziska Bösch, Ellen Moons, Sofie Eeckman, Isalbel Eeckhut, Nina de Winter, Elizaveta Wuyts, Fatima Bouazzoui

“Our participation in the AdVenture competition, working with a great team, and getting in contact with so many industry professionals has been an unforgettably inspiring journey for all of us at Highlight. Working for a client such as LEGO and being surrounded by so many talented competitors from around Europe has been an experience filled with lots excitement and creativity. Crafting our campaign has not only left a mark on our memories, but also equipped us with invaluable insights into the advertising industry, developing a deeper understanding of client expectations and the dynamics of the industry itself. We are truly grateful for this opportunity and the lessons learned, which will undoubtedly guide us in our future plans!”
-The Highlight Team